Clinic Manager at Prime Health Clinic- Prime Health Medical Practice Gaborone - (MBChB (UCT))


Clinic Manager at Prime Health Clinic

Dr Alfred is on a mission to help rare disease patient’s access life-saving treatments. Here he gives an insight into his role as the Clinic Manager at MRI Prime Health Clinic.

What Is Your Background And Current Role?

I studied bachelor of medicine & surgery at the University of Cape Town. I am currently doing a post-graduate diploma in Occupational Medicine and Health. As the clinic manager of Prime Health clinic, I strive to make us a go to clinic, with emphasis on prevention, excellent customer service, and timely management of diseases. I manage the day-to-day running of the clinic, as well as consultation of patients.

Interest in Occupational Medicine

My interest is in Occupational health and work place safety. This has been sparked by high statistics of people dying from work related injuries and diseases. The International Labour Organisation estimates that every year over 2.3 million women and men die from occupational related injuries and diseases. From these reports, 350 000 deaths are due to fatal accidents, and almost 2 million deaths are from fatal occupational disease. These chilling statistics do not even include the morbidity caused by non-fatal injuries and disease. Botswana currently does not have Occupational Health and Safety Act, which makes it dicult to bind employers in taking into account occupational health of employees. At Prime Health Clinic, we have started working closely with dierent organizations to facilitate and engage on occupational health and safety processes, in line with the World health Organisation concept of a ‘healthy workplace’.

Other Interests

I like to unwind with football, and Xbox online gaming. I take road trips whenever my hectic schedule permits. As to music, ‘’I mean nothing beats rock n’ roll and the open road.”Other than being a busy doctor and committing to my patients full time, I relax with friends where we do American style barbeque on weekends. All these activities keep me grounded and balances my work life.