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Prime Health carries the brand for pharmacies and clinics, which include the first ever-extended hours retail pharmacy in Botswana located at the MRI House, plot 60601, Block 7 in Gaborone. Prime Health operates a total of four pharmacies country wide, three in Gaborone (Block 7, Block10 and Airport Junction) and Maun. The extended hours for pharmacies also provide an additional service called Prime Health Managed Care Pharmacy. A specialised service designed to cater for the medical aid patients with chronic conditions. The Managed Care Pharmacy involves delivering the chronic medication to clients, as opposed visiting the pharmacy for collection, its aim is to improve customer satisfaction. The service currently delivers across all districts in Botswana.

Extended Hours Service

We are open when you need us most:

  • This is for your convenience
  • Our extended hours service enables you to get assistance anytime, anywhere , it is an emergency or that you have no time during normal working hours.

Pharmacist You Can Trust

We have fully qualified pharmacists and technicians so you are guaranteed expert advice and assistance. All our pharmacists are registered with the Botswana Health Professions Council and are active members of the Pharmaceutical Society of Botswana. 

Convenient order placement  

Prime Health pharmacy will conveniently fill your prescriptions while you go on with other things. All you have to do is send your prescription and we will prepare it for you ready for collection. 

Chronic Medication Support

For those of us who have to take medicine daily, we offer affordable pricing. For your convenience, we will fill your prescription and deliver it to you. Individual service and confidential advice available.

Medical aid benefits

Save money with your medical schemes, we are a registered service provider for the majority of medical aid schemes in Botswana

Pharmacy Opening Times


Weekends                                                        08:00-00:00 

Weekdays                                                        10:00-22:00

Public holidays                                                 10:00 -22:00


Weekdays                                                        09:00-18:00

Weekends                                                        09:00-17:00 

Public Holidays                                                09:00-17:00 


BLOCK 10, SETLHOA                      

Everyday                                                          09:00-18:00



Weekdays                                                        08:00-20:00

Sat                                                                  09:00-15:00 

Sun                                                                 14:00-20:00

Public holidays                                                09:00-14:00

Why Us?
  • Open when you need us the most for your convenience.
  • All our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are registered with
  • Pharmacists can advise on all acute and chronic conditions. 

  • Convenient order placing
  • Chronic medication support
  • Doctor on hand for consultation

Complimentary to the pharmacy, we also have the Prime Health Medical
Practice; a first class, comprehensive private general practice located at
the MRI Botswana building, Plot 60601, First Floor, Block 7, Gaborone.

Prime Health provides patients with a safe and friendly environment that
is easily accessible and within a healthcare building that offers the

  • Pharmacy Extended hours
  • 24hr Emergency Medical Service
  • First Aid Training
  • Psychologist
  • Physiotherapist

Prime Health Pharmacy has extended its footprint to Maun, conveniently located along Tsheko-tsheko road, from where it serves the Ngami district community.

Visit us at plot 720/721 Tsheko - Tsheko Road to experience, under one roof, the future of healthcare through our various healthcare products and services.