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MRI Botswana provides air ambulance services. Our business is high value trauma response and our well-developed strategic partnerships also give us Air Ambulance capabilities for patients who have sustained critical injuries in remote parts of the country – or who need to travel to a medical facility in any part of the world. Our fleet is capable of landing on both dirt and tarred airstrips. The air ambulance service is through a fully permanently configured Beechcraft Kingair 200 with twin turbo prop engines A2 - KAS.

The crewing consists of doctors, ALS paramedics or flight nurses. In the Okavango delta region, small light aircrafts which reside in Maun are used to evacuate patients from the delta. Maun based paramedics evacuate patients from the delta.

Where feasible, one family member may be allowed to accompany the patient on the aircraft. Ground ambulance is provided on either side of the air evacuation. A request for an air evacuation is done through the emergency line 992. Access to a helicopter can be arranged where access by fixed wing is not possible.


Air Ambulance