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I want to thank you for helping our Family Day to be such a great success.  Your people really came through and represented your company in a very professional manner and as the best in the country.

Thanks Again

Scott Coulter 

Debswana, Gaborone


I saw your get well card at the ICU Marina and I was really touched! Thank you very much for being so thoughtful and above all being down to earth human. This experience has shown me that that you care and take your work as a calling. May the Lord god bless you all.

Aron Kitunga(On behalf of Nice Mangubuli)

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This is to thank you and your crew for the gentle and much needed transfer from GPH back to SA. I am the patient that you dropped off at the Waterfall Hospital in Midrand on the Easter Sunday. That long trip was made quite bearable by your gentle attention and care.

Would you please pass my regards and appreciation also to Jabu and his team.

Thanks a lot.

Dr Thabo Legwaila

South Africa


Dear Mpho and the staff at MRI

Thank you so much for arranging my Mother's transfer from Little Company of Mary Hospital to Groenkloof Healthcare she says your staff were excellent and cheerful.

Best regards

Kim Bekker


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ My 3 year old daughter is asthmatic and had an attack whilst at school. Her principal called me and I immediately called MRI Botswana who then went to attend to her swiftly. After stabilizing her, she was taken to hospital. Because of her condition, she has had to be attended to by MRI a few more times as well on different occasions and MRI is always quick to respond. The paramedics also gave our helper advice on how to deal with her during an attack while awaiting an ambulance which has been very helpful.

Thank you MRI Botswana!

Gosego, Gaborone


When my husband had a motorbike accident during his usual off road weekend rides, he called MRI for assistance. A response vehicle from Phakalane was sent through to assist him in Oodi whilst an ambulance was on way from Gaborone. He was treated and taken to hospital. We were very happy with the service received because not only was the crew very friendly, but they were professional and made sure to frequently advise us on his condition. We are very grateful to the MRI team!

Kaone, Phakalane


On the 9th October 2013, I received a call my from my mother who was currently away informing me  that my father has taken ill at home, I immediately rushed home  to check on him and found him in a serious condition. I dialed 992 and asked for ambulance assistance, the call taker was very understanding and helpful and they managed to send an ambulance to my home. In the mean time the call taker was frequently monitoring my father’s condition over the phone; it was such a relief for me because I felt I was not alone. When the ambulance arrived the paramedics immediately rushed to my father and assessed him. At no time at all we were on the way to the hospital. I am so thankful to the MRI team for being professional and helpful and to the call taker for reassuring me during our ordeal. Thanks to MRI team, keep up the good work!

Tsholo, Tlokweng


If I remember well it was on a Sunday afternoon when myself and my family were gathered at the garden court laughing and eating then suddenly my sister who at the time was expecting got choked, we all panicked and didn’t know what to do. Luckily my car had the MRI sticker with the 992 number, I called them and within seconds my call was answered. Although I was crying and scared the person who answered my call was very attentive he took the directions well and within 20minutes the ambulance arrived. Those paramedics were very fast; from the minute they arrived they got out of the ambulance rushed to the patient. I am really happy; the paramedics were very efficient and showed love and care to my sister. I would have lost my sister but because of MRI both the mother and the unborn baby are fine.

Kate Luther, Palapye


MRI assisted me very well and well in time, I am happy and grateful for the service I received from MRI when I was done and sick. This was the first time using MRI and I was assisted exceptionally.

Tlamelo, Gaborone


I really appreciate what I have been learning because I was in darkness then. Now I am able to help others who are in need of first aid.



I really appreciate what I have learnt in First Aid Training course and I have learnt a lot in a short period of time. With the knowledge I have acquired I am willing to assist whenever there is a need. Thank you so much MRI Training Academy.

Naomi Pilane.


I would like to acknowledge MRI for the First Aid Training course. I have really learnt so much about First Aid. The MRI crew must keep empowering people with such crucial knowledge of saving a life. Thank you.

Oratile Kgetheng


I have enjoyed the lesson and I am looking forward to upgrade my knowledge with First Aid Level 3.

Othusitse Nokane


I was transferred from Marina Hospital to GPH by MRI. My doctor had arranged everything with MRI, and at the agreed time MRI was already at Marina by my bed side. They gently moved me from the hospital bed into their stretcher; I could even feel the bumps or aches of being moved. In the ambulance I as well taken care of, it was as if we knew each other. That kind of service I received is the one I will never forget, the hospitality was beyond my expectations. When we arrived at GPH I was ushered to my ward and immediately the doctors attended me. Thank you so much MRI.

Kelebogile Marumo


Early this year my aunt got critically ill and I  called MRI for assistance , they didn’t take long to come , before I knew it they were already at my house . their ambulance is fully equipped with medical equipment’s and I am satisfied with their service.

Lorato Seitshiro, Selibe Phikwe


My mother in law was scheduled to see a specialist in South Africa, her Doctor in Botswana arranged with MRI to transfer her to Net care Private Hospital using Air Ambulance. On the day she was supposed to be transferred, MRI paramedics came right on time to take her to the airport. When we got there, the air ambulance was already there and inside was the MRI Doctor waiting for my mother. There were no delays at all. Unfortunately because of her condition I wasn’t allowed to accompany her in the plane, nonetheless it felt as if I was with her because MRI Call Centre kept constant communication with us, informing us they have landed and that the patient has been seen by the specialist and that she is responding positively to the treatment. We were told in advance when she will be discharged from the hospital so that we could arrange transport for her. The Hendry’s family is very appreciative of MRI and we wish them all the best!

Cecilia Hendry, Maun.